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These are our styrene dreams: beloved kits we remember from our childhood, the ones we put together as best we could (but still smeared the glue), painted with our finest brush (boy, was that paint glossy — even when you didn’t want it to be!) and proudly displayed on our bedroom dresser. From showroom replicas to wild dragsters to majestic spaceships, scary monsters and everything in between — these are the plastic fantasies of our childhood.

Now, thanks to Round 2, those styrene dreams are back, and they’re better than ever. Our kits are more than just mere re-issues: we’ve “upped the ante” with enhanced “Retro Deluxe” re-releases, special box art, collector’s tins, startlingly detailed decals and improved instructions. Whether you want to rebuild that favorite kit from childhood (and get it perfect, this time) or add a rare kit (finally made affordable) to your collection, there’s bound to be something in these pages that speaks to you.

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August 2021

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AMT Model Kits

Item # Description Scale Case Pack ETA
AMT634M/121968 Shelby GT500 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT635L/121970 1/2 Camaro Z281:2512Sep-21
AMT636M/121966 Chevy Nova Pro Street 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT638M/121957 Bel Air 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT682/121962 Ford Thunderbird1:2512Jul-21
AMT800/121967 Shelby GT350 - White1:2512Sep-21
AMT801M/12Christine 1958 Plymouth Belvedere (Red)1:2512Jul-21
AMT834M/121967 Ford Shelby GT350 (Black)1:2512Jun-21
AMT853/12Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-E1:140012In Stock
AMT855M/12Baldwin Motion 1970 1/2 Chevy Camaro (Dark Green)1:2512In Stock
AMT858M/121978 Ford Pickup "Firestone Super Stones"1:2512Oct-21
AMT861/121963 Chevy Corvette1:2512Sep-21
AMT862/121951 Chevy Bel Air1:2512Jul-21
AMT868/121968 Chevy Camaro Z/281:2512Sep-21
AMT876M/121967 Chevy Chevelle Pro Street 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT882/121953 Ford Pickup1:2512Sep-21
AMT914/12Star Trek - Ships of the Line Snap Asst:
(4-USS Enterprise/4-USS Reliant/2-USS Defiant/2-D-7 Battle Cruiser)
1:250012In Stock
AMT935/121989 Batmobile1:2512Jul-21
AMT947/12Star Trek Classic U.S.S. Enterprise
(50th Anniversary Ed)
AMT954/06Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Box Set - Snap
NX-01 Enterprise * TOS U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Refit * U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C * U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E
1:25006In Stock
AMT981M/121967 Chevy Impala SS (Stock) 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT982M/122016 Chevy Camaro SS Snap Kit (Garnet Red)1:2512Jul-21
AMT1005/061955 Chevy Nomad Wagon1:166Jul-21
AMT1013/121961 Chevy Impala SS1:2512Jul-21
AMT1021/06Kenworth W925 Conventional1:256Jul-21
AMT1035M/122017 Chevy Camaro 50th Anniversary1:2512Sep-21
AMT1039/06Mack R685ST Semi Tractor1:256In Stock
AMT1046/06White Freightliner 2-in-1 SC/DD Cabover Tractor
(75th Anniversary)
AMT1058/121959 Chevy El Camino (Original Art Series)1:2512Sep-21
AMT1062/06Mack Cruise-Liner Semi Tractor1:256Jul-21
AMT1063M/121960 Chevy Custom Fleetside Pickup w/Go Kart 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1066/121964 Olds Cutlass 442 Hardtop1:2512Jul-21
AMT1067/12Li'l Gypsy Wagon Show Rod1:2512In Stock
AMT1074M/122017 Chevy Camaro SS 1LE1:2512Jul-21
AMT1075/122008 Dodge Challenger SRT81:2512In Stock
AMT1076/121950 Chevy Pickup (Union 76)1:2512Sep-21
AMT1080/06Star Trek USS Enterprise Refit1:5376Jul-21
AMT1086/06Construction Bulldozer1:256Sep-21
AMT1089M/121995 Mitsubishi Eclipse1:2512In Stock
AMT1090/06Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker Cabover (Coca Cola)1:256Jul-21
AMT1093/121969 Chevy Camaro (Yenko)1:2512Jul-21
AMT1094/121955 Chevy Cameo Pickup (Coca-Cola)1:2512Sep-21
AMT1097/121970 Chevy Corvette Coupe1:2512Sep-21
AMT1099/06Autocar A64B Semi Tractor1:256Sep-21
AMT1101M/121995 Toyota Supra 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1103/06Peerless Logging Trailer1:256In Stock
AMT1106/06Wilson Livestock Van Trailer1.256In Stock
AMT1107M/12Batman 1989 Batmobile w/Resin Batman Figure 2T1:2512Jul-21
AMT1108M/121977 Ford Cruising Van 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1109/06Fruehauf Beaded Van Semi Trailer (Coca-Cola)1:256In Stock
AMT1110M/121994 Ford F-150 Lightning Pickup 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1111/06Great Dane Extendable Flat Bed Trailer1:256In Stock
AMT1112/121963 Chevy Corvette1:3212In Stock
AMT1114M/121980 Toyota Hilux SR5 Pickup (Snap) 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1117M/122009 Dodge Challenger R/T 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1118M/121971 Plymouth Duster 340 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1119M/121955 Chevy Bel Air Sedan 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1120/121934 Ford Pickup1:2512Jul-21
AMT1121/121965 Buick Riviera (George Barris)1:2512In Stock
AMT1122/12Piranha Dragster1:2512In Stock
AMT1124/121967 Chevy Impala 4-Door Supernatural1:2512Sep-21
AMT1125M/12Star Trek Romulan Warbird 2T1:320012In Stock
AMT1126M/12Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise-D (Snap) 2T1:250012In Stock
AMT1128M/121978 Subaru Brat Pickup 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1129M/121977 Ford Pinto 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1131/121965 Chevelle "Surf Wagon"1:2512In Stock
AMT1132/06"Double Header" Tandem Van Trailers1:256In Stock
AMT1133/06Peterbilt 359 Wrecker1:256Sep-21
AMT1134/061955 Chevy Bel Air Convertible1:166Sep-21
AMT1135/121960 Ford Thunderbird1:3212In Stock
AMT1136/121959 Chrysler Imperial1:2512In Stock
AMT1137M/121969 Plymouth GTX Convertible 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1138/121969 Chevy Chevelle Hardtop1:2512In Stock
AMT1140/06GMC Astro 95 Semi Tractor1:256Sep-21
AMT1141M/121940 Ford Coupe 2T1:2512Oct-21
AMT1142M/121972 Chevy Nova SS "Old Pro" 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1143M/121970 Chevy Chevelle SS 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1144M/121953 Ford Pickup (Coca-Cola) 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1145M/121940 Willys Pickup Gasser (Coca-Cola) 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1146M/121953 Ford Victoria Hardtop w/Coca-Cola Machine 2T1:2512TBD
AMT1147/06Ford C600 Stake Bed w/Coca-Cola Machines1:256In Stock
AMT1149M/121963 Chevy Impala SS 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1150/06Autocar Dump Truck1:256Sep-21
AMT1151/121967 Mercury Cyclone Eliminator II
(Dyno Don Nicholson)
1:2512In Stock
AMT1153/121966 Plymouth Barracuda
"Hemi Under Glass"
1:2512In Stock
AMT1154/12Digger Dragster "Fooler Fueler"1:2512In Stock
AMT1155/121970 Camaro Z28 "Full Bumper"1:2512In Stock
AMT1156/121976 Chevy Vega Funny Car1:2512In Stock
AMT1157/06Kenworth Custom Drag Truck (Tyrone Malone)1:256Sep-21
AMT1158/06Hideout Transporter Kenworth
(Tyrone Malone)
AMT1159/061957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible1:166Sep-21
AMT1160/06White Western Star Semi Tractor (Coca Cola)1:256In Stock
AMT1161/121940 Ford Sedan Delivery (Coca-Cola)1:2512Sep-21
AMT1162/121970 Chevy Impala Fire Chief1:2512In Stock
AMT1164/06Big Rig Semi Trailer (Does not include cab)1:256TBD
AMT1166M/12"Popper" 1977 Ford Pinto w/Coke Machine (Coca-Cola) 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1167/121925 Ford T "Chopped"1:2512Sep-21
AMT1168M/121995 GMC Sonoma Pickup 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1171M/12Plymouth Valiant Scamp Kit Car 2T1:2512Jul-21
AMT1172M/121970 Ford Galaxie Police Car (James Bond) 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1173M/121977 Ford Van w/Vending Machine (Coca-Cola) 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1174/12Saturn V Rocket1:20012Aug-21
AMT1175/121966 Buick Wildcat1:2512Sep-21
AMT1176/M121965 Dodge Coronet (Snap) 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1177/121965 Chevelle Modified Stocker1:2512In Stock
AMT1178/06Ford LNT-8000 Snow Plow1:256Sep-21
AMT1179/061976 GMC General Semi Tractor (Coca-Cola)1:256In Stock
AMT1180M/121969 Plymouth GTX Hardtop Pro Street 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1181/121932 Ford Scale Stars1:3212In Stock
AMT1182/121927 Ford T Vintage Police Car1:2512Sep-21
AMT1183/121966 Chevy Impala Modified Stocker1:2512Jul-21
AMT1184M/121988 Chevy Silverado Monster Truck (Coca-Cola)1:2512Jul-21
AMT1186/121963 Ford Galaxie1:2512Jul-21
AMT1187M/12James Bond 1971 Ford Mustang Mach I 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1188M/121964 Plymouth Belvedere (w/Straight 6 Engine) 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1189M/121960 Ford Ranchero w/Coke Chest (Coca-Cola) 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1190/121965 Ford Fairlane Modified Stocker1:2512In Stock
AMT1191M/121965 Pontiac GTO 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1192/121965 Ford Galaxie "Jolly Green Gasser"1:2512Jul-21
AMT1193/065-Car Haulaway Trailer1:256Jul-21
AMT1196/0840' Semi Container Trailer1:248 LQ
AMT1197M/121941 Plymouth Coupe (Coca-Cola) 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1198M/121966 Chevy Nova SS 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1200/121964 Olds Cutlass F-85 Convertible1:2512Aug-21
AMT1201/121963 Chevy II Station Wagon w/Trailer1:2512Oct-21
AMT1202/121963 Chevy II Nova Station Wagon "Craftsman Plus Series"1:2512In Stock
AMT1203/06International Transtar CO-4070A Semi Tractor1:256Jul-21
AMT1204/06American LaFrance Ladder Chief Fire Truck1:256In Stock
AMT1206/061957 Ford Thunderbird 2T1:166Sep-21
AMT1208/06Moonraker Shuttle w/Boosters - James Bond1:2006In Stock
AMT1209/04International Payhauler 3501:254In Stock
AMT1210M/121978 Ford Courier Minivan1:2512In Stock
AMT1213M/121978 VW Golf GTI1:2412In Stock
AMT1214/12Steve McGee Black Beauty Wedge Dragster1:2512In Stock
AMT1215/06Kenworth /Challenge Transit Cement Mixer1:256Sep-21
AMT1216M/121988 Ford Mustang 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1217M/121969 Ford Torino Cobra Fastback 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1218/06Lowboy Trailer & Bulldozer Combo1:256Jul-21
AMT1219/121972 GMC Jimmy1:2512Sep-21
AMT1220M/122006 Nissan 350Z 2T1:2512In Stock
AMT1221/06Ford C900 Hostess Truck with Trailer1:256In Stock
AMT1223/06Cal Drag Combo 1964 Galaxie, AWB Falcon & Trailer1:256Aug-21
AMT1226M/12Street Fury 1958 Plymouth - Slammers SNAP1:2512Sep-21
AMT1227M/12Street Heat 1998 Chrysler Concorde - Slammers SNAP1:2512In Stock
AMT1229M/121977 Ford Surfer Van 2T1:2512Jul-21
AMT1230/06GMC Astro 95 Semi Tractor (Miller Beer)1:256Jun-21
AMT1231M/121972 Chevy Pickup w/Vending Machine & Crates (Coca-Cola) 2T1:2512Sep-21
AMT1232/121969 Dodge Charger Daytona (USPS Stamp Series Collector Tin)1:2512Jul-21
AMT1233/12John F. Kennedy PT-1091:6412TBD
AMT1234/06Fruehauf 40' Semi Trailer (Miller Beer)1:256Jul-21
AMT1235/08American Superliner Semi Tractor1:248Oct-21
AMT1237/121923 Ford T Depot Hack1:2512Jul-21
AMT1238/08Ford LTL 9000 Semi Tractor1:248Sep-21
AMT1239/06Fruehauf Plated Tanker Trailer (Sunoco)1:256In Stock
AMT1241/121967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback1:2512Sep-21
AMT1242/121959 Cadillac Ambulance1:2512Sep-21
AMT1243M/121970 Ford Galaxie Taxi1:2512Jun-21
AMT1245/06Star Trek Deep Space Nine1:33006Jul-21
AMT1248M/121977 International Harvester Scout II1:2512Jul-21
AMT1249/06Great Dane 40' Reefer Trailer (Coors)1:256Jun-21
AMT1251/121953 Studebaker Starliner - USPS with Collectible Tin1:2512Aug-21
AMT1252/12USA-1 Chevy Silverado Monster Truck1:2512Jul-21
AMT1255M/122010 Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels1:2512Jun-21
AMT1256/12Ford Monster Truck Hot Wheels1:2512Jul-21
AMT1257M/12Star Trek U.S.S. Excelsior1:100012In Stock
AMT1258/12Infini-T Custom Dragster1:2512In Stock
AMT1259/12Stingaree Custom Dragster1:2512Jun-21
AMT1260/121965 Pontiac Bonneville1:2512Aug-21
AMT1261/121964 Ford Galaxie "Craftsman Plus Series"1:2512Jul-21
AMT1262M/121971 Ford Mustang Mach I1:2512Aug-21
AMT1263M/121966 Ford Fairlane 4271:2512Sep-21
AMT1265/121975 Chevy Van "Foxy Box"1:2512Sep-21
AMT1266/121937 Chevy Coupe "Salt Shaker"1:2512Sep-21
AMT1269M/121929 Ford Woody Pickup1:2512Jul-21
AMT1270M/12Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge1:3212Sep-21
AMT1272/061976 GMC General Semi Tractor1:256Jul-21
AMT1284M/12Volkswagen Superbug 1971 Unity Graphics (Coke)1:2512Sep-21
AMT1285/12Sandkat Dune Dragster1:2512Aug-21

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MPC Model Kits Logo

Round 2

MPC Model Kits

Item # Description Scale Case Pack Available
MPC710L/121967 Pontiac GTO1:2512Sep-21
MPC823/063 Axle Gravel Trailer1:256Oct-21
MPC825/06Space: 1999 - Eagle Transporter1:486In Stock
MPC828/121:25 Bruce Larson USA/1 Pro Stock Vega1:2512Sep-21
MPC847/121984 GMC Pickup (White)1:2512Sep-21
MPC848M/121984 GMC Pickup (Black)1:2512Sep-21
MPC862/061979 Pontiac Firebird1:166Sep-21
MPC877/121972 Chevy Vega Pro Stock / Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins1:2512Sep-21
MPC878M/121969 Dodge "Country Charger" R/T1:2512Sep-21
MPC881/12Space: 1999 Hawk Mk IX1:7212In Stock
MPC882M/12Godzilla Army Jeep1:2512In Stock
MPC885/121972 Chevy Racer's Wedge1:2512Sep-21
MPC890/12Batman The Joker Getaway Car
1978 Dodge Monaco w/Joker Figure
1:2512In Stock
MPC892/12Ed Roth's Mail Box Chopper (Trick Trikes Series)1:2512In Stock
MPC893/12Taco Trike (Trick Trikes Series)1:2512In Stock
MPC894/12Tiki Trike (Trick Trikes Series)1:2512In Stock
MPC895/12Milk Trike (Trick Trikes Series)1:2512In Stock
MPC896/12Cobra Chopper (Trick Trikes Series)1:2512Sep-21
MPC897/12Torque Trike (Trick Trikes Series)1:2512Sep-21
MPC899/06Mack DM800 Semi Tractor1:256Sep-21
MPC901M/121978 Dodge D100 Custom Pickup (2T)1:2512Sep-21
MPC902/121932 Ford Sedan Delivery (Coca Cola)1:2512Sep-21
MPC904/121957 Chevy Bel Air "Spirit of 57"1:2512Sep-21
MPC905M/121974 Chevy Vega Modified "Rat Trap" (2T)1:2512In Stock
MPC906M/12"Ridge Runner" Modified (2T)1:2512In Stock
MPC913/12Space 1999: 14" Eagle Transporter1:7212In Stock
MPC914/12Schwinn Sting Ray 5/Speed Bicycle1:812In Stock
MPC915/12Schwinn Continental 10-Speed Bicycle1:812In Stock
MPC916M/121977 Pontiac Firebird T/A (2T)1:2512Aug-21
MPC918M/121967 Pontiac GTO (2T)1:2512Sep-21
MPC919M/121969 Dodge Charger RT (Coca Cola) Snap (2T)1:2512In Stock
MPC920M/121974 Plymouth Road Runner (2T)1:2512Aug-21
MPC922M/121978 Dodge Monaco CHP Police Car 2T1:2512Sep-21
MPC923/06Space:1999 Eagle II w/Lab Pod1:486In Stock
MPC924M/121933 Willys Panel Paddy Wagon (Monopoly) 2T1:2512In Stock
MPC925/121976 Dodge Dart Sport1:2512Sep-21
MPC926/121932 Chrysler Imperial "Gangbusters"1:2512Sep-21
MPC927M/121934 "Slammer" Modified 2T1:2512Sep-21
MPC929M/121936 Wild One Modified 2T1:2512Sep-21
MPC934/12Wacky Races - Compact Pussycat (SNAP)1:3212In Stock
MPC935/12Wacky Races - Mean Machine (SNAP)1:3212In Stock
MPC936/12Wacky Races - Creepy Coupe (SNAP)1:3212In Stock
MPC938/06Richard Petty 1973 Dodge Charger1:166Aug-21
MPC939M/121970 Pontiac GTO Super Stocker 2T1:2512Aug-21
MPC940/12Ramchargers Front Engine Dragster1:2512In Stock
MPC941/12Space: 1999 Stun Gun & Commlock1:112Sep-21
MPC942/12Californian 1968 Olds Toronado Custom1:2512Nov-21
MPC943M/121982 Dodge Van Custom (Turtle Wax)1:2512Sep-21
MPC945M/12Monopoly Reading Rail Rod Custom Locomotive (SNAP)1:2512Oct-21
MPC946M/12Monopoly Jail Breaker Custom Willys Panel (SNAP)1:2512Nov-21
MPC948/12Star Wars: A New Hope X-Wing Fighter (Snap)1:6312Sep-21
MPC949/12Star Wars: Return of the Jedi B-Wing Fighter (Snap)1:14412Oct-21
MPC950/12Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back AT-AT1:10012Oct-21
MPC951/12Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett's Starfighter1:8512Nov-21
MPC953/06Star Wars: A New Hope Millennium Falcon1:7212Nov-21
MPC961/12Rupp Super Sno-Sport Snow Dragster1:2012Nov-21
MPC964/12Ramchargers Dodge Challenger Funny Car1:2512Dec-21

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Polar Lights Logo

Round 2

Polar Lights Model Kits

Item # Description Scale Case Pack Available
POL901M/12Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Snap1:2512Aug-21
POL908/12Star Trek TOS USS Enterprise Space Seed Edition Snap1:100012Sep-21
POL909/12Galileo Shuttle
*Brand New Tooling*
1:3212In Stock
POL949/04Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Refit1:3504Oct-21
POL950M/06Star Trek Klingon K’t’inga 2T1:3506In Stock
POL952/12Star Trek U.S.S. Defiant Snap1:100012Oct-21
POL955M/12Gulf 2006 Ford GT (Snap) 2T1:2512In Stock
POL957M/12Star Trek U.S.S. Grissom / Klingon BoP (2-pack) Snap 2T1:100012In Stock
POL960M/12Volkswagen Beetle Snap (Coca-Cola) 2T1:2412Sep-21
POL961M/12Star Trek U.S.S. Discovery 2T1:250012In Stock
POL962/12King Ghidorah (Snap)1:35012In Stock
POL963/12Rodan (Snap)1:80012In Stock
POL965/121966 Batmobile (Snap)1:2512In Stock
POL966M/12Star Trek NX-01 Enterprise (Snap) 2T1:100012Aug-21
POL967M/12Star Trek Discovery U.S.S. Shenzhou (Snap) 2T1:250012Oct-21
POL971M/12Star Trek Discovery USS Enterprise Snap 2T1:250012Oct-21
POL972/12Haunted Manor: Escape from the Dungeon1:1212In Stock
POL973M/12Star Trek Discovery U.S.S. Enterprise 2T1:100012In Stock
POL974M/12Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Refit
Wrath of Khan Edition 2T
POL975M/12Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Reliant Wrath of Khan Edition1:100012Sep-21
POL976/12Haunted Manor: The Grave Robber's Demise1:1212In Stock
POL977/12Haunted Manor: Flight of the Vampire1:1212In Stock
POL979M/06Star Trek Discovery U.S.S. Discovery Prebuilt Display Model 2T1:25006In Stock
POL980M/12Star Trek U.S.S. Voyager (Snap) 2T1:100012In Stock
POL981M/12Speed Racer Mach V (Snap)1:2512In Stock
POL982/12Area 51 UFO1:4812Nov-21
POL984/12Haunted Manor: Play It Again, Tom!1:1212In Stock
POL985/1212" Flying Saucer1:14412In Stock
POL987/12Godzilla's Go CartN/A12Sep-21
POL988/121969 Dodge Charger Funny Car Hot Wheels1:2512Sep-21
POL989/121969 Dodge Charger Funny Car Mr. Norm1:2512Sep-21
POL990M/12Speed Racer Mach V1:2512Sep-21
POL992M/12Star Trek U.S.S. Voyager Clear Edition1:100012In Stock
POL993M/04Star Trek TOS U.S.S. Enterprise w/Pilot Edition Parts1:3504Nov-21
POL994/12Green Hornet Black Beauty1:3212Dec-21

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Hawk logo
Lindberg logo


Hawk & Lindberg Model Kits

Item No. Description Scale Case Pack Available
HL70874/06Jolly Roger Pirate Ship1:1306Sep-21
HL415/12USSR T-55 Battle Tank1:3512 LQ
HL424/12Tabletop Navy: (Yamato & Zuikaku) 2 Pack1:120012 Sold Out & Discontinued
HL441/12Fairey Flycatcher & Hawker Fury 2-PACK1:4812 Sold Out & Discontinued
HL445/12Spitfire/Me109 - 2 Pack1:7212 Sold Out & Discontinued
HL447/12HMS King George V1:75012 Sold Out & Discontinued
HL508/12WWII German Fighters (Junkers JU87 Stuka & Messershmitt ME262) 2 Pk1:4812 Sold Out & Discontinued
HL613/12Jolly Roger Series: The Freebooter's Last Leg1:1212In Stock
HL614/12Jolly Roger Series: The Shining Spoils of the Scallywag1:1212In Stock
HL615M/12Jolly Roger Series: Escape the Tentacles of Fate 2T1:1212In Stock
HL616M/12Jolly Roger Series: Duel with Death 2T1:1212In Stock

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amt Logo

Round 2

AMT Part Packs

Item # Description Scale Case Pack Available
AMTPP001/24M&H Drag Slick Tire Pack
(Works with most 1:25 vintage drag racing and custom car kits)
AMTPP013/24Red Line Tires Parts Pack
(Works with many vintage muscle, custom & street rod car kits)
AMTPP015M/12Garage Accessory Set #1 "Weekend Wrenchin" 2T
(Great addition to any kit to create your own diorama)
AMTPP016M/12Garage Accessory Set #2 "Tip Top Shop" 2T
(Great addition to any kit to create your own diorama)
AMTPP017M/12Garage Accessory Set #3 "Get On Up" 2T
(Great addition to any kit to create your own diorama)
1:2512In Stock
AMTPP027/24Firestone Supreme Tires Parts Pack
(Works with many 1:25 scale factory stock, custom car & pickup truck kits)
AMTPP028/24Semi Truck Tall Tires Pack
(Works with several AMT Big Rig tractor kits requiring taller tire size such as AMT1150)
1:2524In Stock
AMTPP029/24Big Rig Turbine Engine Parts Pack
(Can be put into other AMT Big Rig kits with modification, customization or
fabrication of additional parts)
1:2524In Stock
AMTPP030/24Firestone Drag 500 Big Slicks Parts Pack
(Works with many vintage drag racing, muscle, custom & streed rod car kits)
1:2524In Stock
AMTPP031/24Spokes & Stripes Wheel & Tire Pack
(Works with many vintage muscle, custom & street rod car kits)

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Round2 Logo


MKA Decals & Bases

Item # Description Scale Case Pack Available
MKA015/06Star Trek TOS U.S.S. Enterprise Smooth Saucer
(Upgrades to kit POL880)
1:3506 LQ
MKA017/06Star Trek U.S.S. Excelsior Aztec Decal Set
(Upgrades to kit AMT843)
1:10006 LQ
MKA018/06Star Trek TOS U.S.S. Enterprise Pilot Parts Pack
(Upgrades to kits POL880 & POL938)
1:3506In Stock
MKA020/12Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Cardassian Paneling Decals
(Upgrades to kit AMT1028 & previous releases of 1:750 Cardassian)
1:75012In Stock
MKA023/12Road Racing Graphics Decals
(Use with almost any 1:24 or 1:25 scale model car, slot car or die cast car)
1:2512In Stock
MKA024/12Rat Rod Graphics Decals
(Use with almost any 1:24 or 1:25 scale model car, slot car or die cast car)
1:2512In Stock
MKA026/12All American Graphics Custom Decals
(Use with almost any 1:24 or 1:25 scale car model kits)
1:2512In Stock
MKA027/12American Pride Graphics Custom Decals
(Use with almost any 1:24 or 1:25 scale car model kits)
1:2512In Stock
MKA031M/06Star Trek Klingon K't'inga Lighting Kit 2T
(Upgrades to kit POL950)
1:3506In Stock
MKA032/12Phillips 66 & Union 76 Trucking Decal Pack
(Can be used on any 1:25 scale car or truck model)
1:2512 LQ
MKA033/121:25 Fantastic Flames Decal Pack
(Can be used on any 1:25 scale car or truck model)
1:2512 LQ
MKA035/12Vintage Coca-Cola Santa Clause Big Rig Graphics
(Can be used on any 1:25 scale truck model)
1:2512 LQ
MKA036/24Hostess Trucking Decal Pack
(Can be used on any 1:25 scale truck model)
1:2524In Stock
MKA038/06Space: 1999 Eagle Metal Engine Bell Set
(For use with MPC913)
1:726In Stock
MKA040/12Star Trek Aztec Decal Set
(For use with Enterprise and Reliant Kits)
1:100012In Stock
MKA041/06Star Trek Discovery U.S.S. Enterprise Light Kit
(For use with POL973)
1:10006In Stock
MKA042/12Star Trek Discovery U.S.S. Enterprise Decal Set
(For use with POL973)
1:100012In Stock
MKA043/06Space:1999 22" Booster Pack Accessory Set
(Can be used with any 22" Eagle Transporter Kit)
1:486In Stock
MKA044/06Space:1999 22" Eagle Supplemental Metal Parts Pack
(Can be used with any 22" Eagle Transporter Kit)
1:486In Stock
MKA045/12Rat Fink Decal Pack
(Can be used on any 1:25 scale car or truck model)
MKA048/06Star Trek: TOS U.S.S. Enterprise Light Kit1:3506In Stock
MKA050/12Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Refit Aztec Decals1:35012Aug-21
MKA051/12Space: 1999 22" Eagle Transporter Paneling Decals1:4812In Stock
MKA052/24Best of AMT Custom Graphics Decals Volume 11:2424In Stock
AMTBT003/1216 pc Hobby Knife SetN/A12Sep-21
AMTBT004/1256 pc Deluxe Hobby Knife Set
Replaces SCM047

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