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Red lines club, red line cars, treasure hunts, and chase cars

February 2019


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Stock Description Case Pack ETA
Hot Wheels Basic Cars
L2593 Hot Wheel Basic Cars 72 PK Hot wheels 72
FYJ44 HW Monster trucks 8
V1405 HW Spring Asst. 24 02/19
GHH73 HW Satin & Chrome Asst.( replacing Black N Gold) 24 08/19
W3099 HW Winter Asst 24 10/19
DXT91 HW Halloween Asst 24 09/19
GBB39 HW Mickey & Friends Asst. 24 12/19
Entertaiment Licensee
BDM71 HW 1/64 Marvel Character Cars 8
DKJ66 HW DC 1/64 Character Cars Asst. 8
DMH73 HW Entertainment Character Cars 8
GCK28 HW Disney Character Cars 8 02/19
GJD16 HW Frozen Character Car Bundle 1 10/19
FLM73 HW Flip Fighters Asst 4
GCY52 HW Toy Story 4 Character Cars Asst. 8 03/19
GCK28 HW Disney Character Car Asst. 8 02/19
FJF77 HW Star Wars Character Car Asst 12 01/19
GJD16 HW Frozen Character Bundle (3 vehicles) 1 10/19
100% Hot Wheels-Adult Collectors – rolling mixes
DMC55 HW 2018 Retro Assortment 10
DLB45 HW 2018 Pop Culture 12
FPY86 HW Car Culture 2018 10
FLF56 HW Team Transport Asst. 4
DKL20 HW 1/50 Batman Asst. 8
GBW75 HW Fast N Furious Premium 10
FYT81 HW Star Wars Premium Asst. 6
GBG25 HW Mario Kart Replica Diecast 10


Stock Description Case Pack ETA
Core Vehicles
30782 Hero City 1-75 Collection-Basic -2018 24
DXH45 Matchbox Color Change Asst. 10
GBJ48 MXB COLLECTOR Assortment 10
GHH31 MXB Diecast Sweet Series Assortment 10
FMW90 MXB JW Diecast 12
FWD28 MXB Moving Parts Assortment 8
N3242 MXB Working Rigs 8
FMY31 MXB JW Dino Transporters 4
Cars Diecast Products
DXV29 Cars Diecast Character Vehicles 24
DXV99 Cars Diecast 2 pack Asst. 12
DXV90 Cars Diecast Oversized Asst. 6
FRJ07 Cars Transporter Asst 3
FPX96 Cars Mack Transporters 3
GBJ35 Cars XRS Mud Diecast Singles 8
GBJ44 Cars XRS Mud Oversize 3

ECE- stands for Emerging Channel Exclusive

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